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VideoProtects for MyGeotab

The VideoProtects® Video Event Management System seamlessly integrates with MyGeotab. It provides actionable safety intelligence and risk mitigation by integrating the VideoProtects™ AI-powered dash cam, the telematics-rich Geotab GO device, and the intelligent MyGeotab portal.

The solution offers unique features and benefits, including the VideoProtects Court Reporter™ Event File Manager, a passive Advanced Driver Alert System (ADAS) with audible alerts that warn drivers of potential dangers like collision, lane deviation, and a remote driver coaching workflow with optional J. J. Keller® Corrective Action Training.

As a J. J. Keller company, VideoProtects delivers exceptional support, compliance guidance, and best practices for Geotab resellers and fleets. We are a trusted, reliable industry leader who's committed to bringing best-in-class video telematics service to every type of fleet and industry.

Back Office Features

The VideoProtects® System offers an intuitive back office on the MyGeotab Platform, providing your team with tremendous time savings, visibility to events, and flexibility.

Video tiles with event scoring range

Desktop Video Review & Scoring

Video event review and scoring workflows are key to a successful video safety program. They save you time and ensure a quick, consistent response to dangerous driving behaviors. 

The VideoProtects® System AI categorizes system-generated dash cam videos, saving you time. Based on your risk priorities, you assign scores to the videos. The VideoProtects back office allows you to sort by scores, driver, and type of behavior.

The back office and camera settings are configurable by our support team so you can achieve your specific safety goals.

VideoProtects Court Reporter detail

Court Reporter™ Event File Manager

The VideoProtects® Court Reporter™ Event File Manager provides an exhaustive audit trail of every interaction with a video record — who watched and downloaded the video; actions taken to score, share, and change status; including keystrokes and mouse clicks.

If a crash or incident goes to litigation, you've got all the evidence associated with the video and follow-up actions documented with the VideoProtects® Court Reporter™ Event File Manager.

Cellphones showing VideoProtects Driver Coaching

Driver Coaching Workflow

The VideoProtects intelligent driver coaching workflow in the MyGeotab portal supports driver skills development by enabling you to easily share videos and coach drivers. 

From the driver coaching workflow, you can send a link to the driver to access and view their video and your comments on any internet-connected device. Drivers can easily and quickly reply back to you within the easy-to-use webpage.

VideoProtects documents every engagement between you and your drivers using the Court Reporter™, ensuring proof of your corrective action measures.

VideoProtects Dashboard showing data


The VideoProtects back office on MyGeotab provides GO device users additional insights by incorporating their vehicles' telematics data into a powerful dashboard. GO device behaviors like possible collision, seatbelt use, and harsh braking, cornering, and acceleration are integrated with the behaviors detected by the AI-driven VideoProtects™ VP220 Dash Camera, giving fleet professionals a reliable, comprehensive view of safety. 

Driver doing training on phone

Corrective Action Training

The VideoProtects® System offers optional J. J. Keller® Corrective Action Training to support your coaching efforts.

Reinforce driving skills and safe behaviors with targeted 5-minute videos delivered to your drivers via text or email. Drivers can view training anywhere they have an internet connection or download the program for offline viewing. You can assign specific titles, set training deadlines, and track progress.

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Jeff Rooyakkers, Operations Manager for Enviro-Eze, shares the benefits using the VideoProtects™ Dual-Facing Dash Camera and the VideoProtects® Video Review Service.

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Camera Options

VideoProtects offers Geotab clients numerous camera styles and options that fit every vehicle, support any operation, and meet the safety and risk-mitigating goals that you've set. Our cameras assist in exonerating your fleet and drivers in case of accidents. They also can reduce — even eliminate liability claims and high-cost legal settlements. 

Second, our cameras help you prevent future crashes through the detection of dangerous driving behaviors like speeding, distracted and fatigued driving, tailgating, and cell phone use. With timely awareness of these behaviors, your team is empowered to confidently coach drivers on how to improve their skills. 

Dash cam front and back view

Road-Facing Dash Camera


The VideoProtects Road-Facing Dash Cam gives fleets the power to exonerate drivers and reduce the risk of accidents and nuclear verdicts through the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to detect road-facing events like collisions and tailgating.    

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VP220 Dash cam front and back view

Dual-Facing Dash Camera


With the Dual-Facing Dash Camera, you have the ability to protect your organization from external threats, like nuclear verdicts, and to build strength from within by using video to identify risky driving and coach your drivers to improve. Artificial intelligence (AI) in the VideoProtects camera detects driver-facing behaviors like distracted and fatigued driving and cellphone use and road-facing events, like vehicle and animal collisions. 

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Two cargo utility cams

Cargo/Utility Camera

VP220-3 & VP220-3b

Ensure you have access to more details about accidents, thefts, and crashes. Choose from two interior-use cameras that are ideal for providing video captures in CMVs, pickups, passenger vehicles, and trailers.

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Exterior cam

Rugged Exterior Camera


The Rugged Exterior Camera with 4- and 6-pin connector options is IP67-rated for heavy-duty applications and dust-proof. It's ideal for vehicle exteriors, like cargo areas and the rear of vehicles and trailers.

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Two side cameras

Side Cameras


Rugged exterior-grade cameras are IP67 waterproof and IK08 impact-rated. They are ideal for vehicles with side access doors, like parcel, shuttle, and passenger vehicles.

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The VideoProtects® System leverages Geotab telematic event triggers and AI from the VideoProtects™ VP220 Dash Camera to give motor carriers video evidence of crashes and drivers' behaviors on the road and in the cab. The VideoProtects back office provides insights and analytics to fleet professionals so they can determine how best to mitigate risk. The solution serves as a digital storehouse of all touchpoints and documentation related to each event video. VideoProtects was built specifically for the Geotab platform to deliver a comprehensive, fleet-first dash cam solution using MyGeotab's Single Sign-On (SSO) experience. 

VideoProtects has a highly secure network and uses the latest encryption, penetration, and threat testing. Data is retained per your Geotab retention policy. Talk with a product specialist to view our detailed privacy policy. Call 855-693-5338.

VideoProtects™ hardware captures driver- and road-facing event videos triggered by dash cam AI and Geotab telematics. Fleet and safety professionals can review, analyze, and score video events in the MyGeotab portal and push videos to a driver’s smart device for review and coaching. 

The VideoProtects Dash Camera AI offers passive ADAS (Advanced Driver Alert System) through optional audible alerts that warn drivers of potential danger like collision, lane deviation, and more.

Optional Video Review Service is also available for select event triggers. Talk with a product specialist for more details - call 833-813-7263.

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