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VideoProtects® Fleet Camera System

VideoProtects has the power to transform your organization. It helps you solve problems and prevent crashes. VideoProtects provides a strong legal defense using proprietary AI-driven risk identification and timely notification of poor driving events. Take advantage of its in-cab driver alerts, driver coaching workflow, corrective action training, auxiliary cameras, and advanced analytics to get a comprehensive view of safety beyond simply recording and storing video.

Dash cam, lap top, auxiliary cameras and cell phone
VideoProtects® Fleet Camera System
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Dash Cameras

  • Smart Infrastructure

  • Efficient Driver Coaching Workflow

  • Optional Geotab Telematics Integration

  • Expertise & Support

  • Advanced Driver Alert System (ADAS)

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The VideoProtects solution offers insight into risky and distracted driving through continuous recording with artificial intelligence from driver and road-facing camera hardware.

Listen to Jeff Rooyakkers, Operations Manager for Enviro-Eze, share the benefits he experienced as a result of using the VideoProtects® Fleet Camera System.

The Benefits of the VideoProtects® System

With VideoProtects, you get a team of regulatory, technical, and support experts who collaborate with you to construct an achievable, measurable strategy around your safety goals. Analytics from the VideoProtects dashboard provides proof of your success and improves your bottom line while nurturing a company culture that promotes safety, accountability, and respect. 

VideoProtects dash cam and tailgating event on laptop

VideoProtects® Fleet Camera System

  • Offers a platform-independent solution that doesn’t require telematics

  • Detects and records risky driving behavior using AI technology

  • Scores driving behaviors based on customizable criteria

  • Features a driver coaching workflow for addressing detected behaviors

  • Includes the ability to view live video and video of non-triggered events

  • Provides a digital trail of all interactions with dash cam video

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Laptop with Video Event tiles

VideoProtects for Geotab

  • Integrates VideoProtects and MyGeotab telematics seamlessly

  • Increases driver awareness and responsibility

  • Review and scoring of events streamlines video management

  • Promotes driver accountability through timely driver coaching workflow 

  • Identifies and trends success with powerful analytics and dashboard

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Dash cam and auxiliary cameras

Camera Hardware

  • Road and Driver-Facing Dash Cam

  • Road-Facing Dash Cam

  • Cargo/Utility Cameras

  • Exterior Camera

  • Side Cameras

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Woman at computer monitor reviewing video

J. J. Keller® Video Review Service

  • Experienced J. J. Keller specialists review your driver videos using best practices

  • Prioritized queue of events for coaching based on your company-specific safety goals

  • Corrective Action Training recommendations for drivers based on risky behavior

  • Training recordkeeping and reporting on fleet risk trends 

  • Fine-tuning of camera settings and event trigger thresholds as needed

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Woman on tablet completing training

Corrective Action Training

  • J. J. Keller® Corrective Action Training

  • Multiple regulatory areas including DOT, OSHA, Hazmat, Drug & Alcohol, and more!

  • Almost 100 titles in Spanish and English

  • Five-minute interactive e-learning courses for anytime, anywhere training and improved retention

  • Recordkeeping, alerts, and notifications for current, expired, and pending training

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We help ensure safe, respectful workplaces, job sites and highways. So employees thrive. So they return home each day to the families who love them. We empower businesses to excel by removing risk and giving them confidence that they are meeting complex regulations. We lead by example in our own communities by embracing those most in need and the programs that sustain them.

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