The VideoProtects™ Road-Facing Dash Camera

Focused on Driver Exoneration and Risk Mitigation

Road-Facing Dash Camera


The VideoProtects™ Road-Facing Dash Camera gives fleets and drivers an extra layer of protection from nuclear verdicts with built-in wide-angle HD video event captures that can protect innocent drivers and your company in case of a crash. It can be paired with other auxiliary cameras to provide additional video capture of the sides of the vehicle and passenger and cargo areas. The camera includes an AI processor, GPS, and 4G LTE connectivity.

Road-Facing Dash Cam Highlights

  • Built-in AI event detection
  • Road-facing camera records crashes, tailgating, lane deviation, and more
  • Integrated telematics via Geotab GO device to track additional events
  • Driver manual event capture
  • Optional passive ADAS capabilities offering real-time event audible feedback
  • Built-in speaker
  • Industrial design, aluminum alloy shell
  • Quick and easy installation
  • 2 TLC SD memory card ports support up to 256 GB cards for dual-stream recording (HD and SD Recording)
  • 128 GB TLC SD card included
  • Video recall
  • Optional insights with 2 channels of continuous video recording via auxiliary cameras (engine on)
Dash cam front and back view

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Yes, you can use up to 2 channels for auxilliary cameras, like the side dash cams and external dash cam

A 2023 study entitled Issues and Opportunities with Driver-Facing Cameras by the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) found that road-facing cameras were a truck driver's second most preferred piece of in-cab technology. "RFC systems are growing in popularity with both truck drivers and motor carriers primarily because of their ability to accurately capture safety event data, which often exonerates truck drivers and motor carriers from claims of negligence. Of equal importance is their ability to identify truck driver and/or fleet negligence – allowing the parties to settle cases more quickly and at a lower cost."

Conversely, ATRI cited numerous challenges for driver-facing cameras, including driver privacy issues and concerns.

It's important that each company determine which camera will help resolve the challenges their operation faces, whether that's speeding violations, fatigued driving, reducing the threat of a nuclear verdict, or exonerating drivers. 

Talk with one of our compliance specialists for more insights. Call 855-693-5338. 

Each of the two micro SD card slots accommodates a 256GB card, providing approximately 148 hours of recording before overwriting previously recorded video. Camera-triggered events will not be overwritten and are uploaded to the VideoProtects back office using the embedded 4G LTE connection. A 128GB card is included with the VideoProtects Dash Cam. 

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