VideoProtects™ Dual-Facing Dash Camera

Enhanced Driver Exoneration and Fleet Protection

Dual-Facing Dash Camera


The VideoProtects™ Dual-Facing Dash Camera is an advanced road- and driver-facing camera with built-in AI processors, GPS, and 4G LTE connectivity.  It continuously records and uploads risky video event footage to the VideoProtects back office for scoring and review. It is the ideal camera for driver exoneration, fleet litigation protection, and ongoing risk mitigation via event monitoring and skills coaching.   


  • Built-in AI event detection
  • Driver-facing camera detects cellphone use, distracted driving, fatigued driving, and more
  • Road-facing camera records crashes, tailgating, lane deviation, and more
  • Integrated telematics via Geotab GO device to track harsh braking, seatbelt use, and more
  • Driver manual event capture
  • Optional passive ADAS capabilities offering real-time event audible feedback
  • Built-in microphone and speaker
  • Industrial design, aluminum alloy shell
  • Quick and easy installation
  • 2 TLC SD memory card ports support up to 256 GB cards for dual-stream recording (HD and SD Recording)
  • 128 GB TLC SD card included
  • Video recall
  • Optional insights with 2 channels of continuous video recording via auxiliary cameras (engine on)
VP220 Dash cam front and back view

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A driver-facing dash camera allows you to see a driver's actions in the cab just before and after a triggered event. This video could provide proof that corroborates his story and exonerates your driver of any wrongdoing. Additionally, by monitoring risky driving behaviors, you can more effectively coach drivers to improve their skills and reduce their risk of a crash.

Road-facing cameras are ideal for driver exoneration in case of a crash. They capture events that occur in front of the vehicle. 

Dual-facing cameras, however, provide the most comprehensive solution for driver exoneration and risk mitigation by enabling you to proactively monitor and coach more driving behaviors, like cellphone use and fatigued driving. 

The VideoProtects Dash Cam does not provide a live stream of video to the Geotab back office. Only events that are triggered by the dash cam or manually by the driver are sent to the MyGeotab portal. 

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