VideoProtects and Corrective Action Training

Achieve Maximum Risk Mitigation with Proven Best-in-Class Training 

Corrective Action Training

The J. J. Keller® Video Review Service includes access to J. J. Keller's corrective action training programs. Your video review specialists will determine the best training course and make a recommendation to you to share with the driver. 

Proactive coaching and behavior modification are important elements of a comprehensive safety program. When a training course is delivered to the driver shortly after the risky event along with coaching, retention is maximized. J. J. Keller® Corrective Action Training courses improve drivers' skills and stop undesired behaviors. These courses can be completed by the driver in less than five minutes.

Course Offerings

J. J. Keller's corrective action training supports the J. J. Keller® dash camera solutions. You can count on J. J. Keller for accurate and relevant titles. Check out the current titles available now.

Corrective Active Training Titles

  • Speeding / Too Fast for Conditions

  • Basic Control / Tailgating 

  • Lane Changes / Traffic Lanes

  • Stop Signs / Traffic Control Devices

  • Harsh Acceleration

  • Harsh Braking

  • Harsh Cornering

  • Yielding

  • Tailgating

  • Cellphones

  • Distracted Driving

  • Fatigued Driving Prevention

Why Offer Training?

With the number of miles traveled and the potential dangers of highway travel, a driver cannot avoid every accident. As a fleet professional, however, you can reduce the chances of a crash and improve your drivers' skills by training and coaching using dash cam technology. A video-event system accelerates the identification and correction of unsafe behaviors and sustains the change through the use of ongoing coaching and recognition.

A 2019 Virginia Tech Transportation Institute study of carriers who used video event-based coaching and training along with other safety strategies yielded powerful, risk-mitigating results:

  • Seven carriers reported that their DOT crash rate decreased by an average of 49%.
  • Three carriers shared that their Unsafe Driving BASIC showed an average 37% improvement.
  • Five carriers reported an average 42% improvement in their Crash Indicator BASIC.


According to the American Trucking Research Institute (ATRI), the top three riskiest driving behaviors you can capture on dash cam video and address with training and coaching are cellphone use, asleep at the wheel, and reckless driving. These behaviors resulted in average litigation-related payments of $629,375, $543,343, and $493,673, respectively. 

The Impact of Small Verdicts and Settlements on the Trucking Industry. American Trucking Research Institute. November, 2021

You can assign interactive training to your drivers via the J. J. Keller® Training portal.  Drivers can access the training on their mobile device via the free J. J. Keller® Training mobile app. They get 24/7 training anywhere they have a cellular connection. Or, they can download the training and watch it offline.

You'll use the J. J. Keller® Training portal to see all training activities. You'll use the portal to assign training, set training expiration dates, review scores and completions, and send training reminders as needed. 

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