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Integrates Seamlessly with MyGeotab

VideoProtects® Video Event Management technology is designed for fast and straightforward adaption into the Geotab user experience. Designed specifically for use with the MyGeotab cloud dashboard, our solution integrates seamlessly with the existing Geotab user interface, so there is zero learning curve involved for your customers.

Managers and dispatchers can utilize the software they already know with the added benefit of video monitoring. With near real-time video event review, scoring, and coaching, fleet and safety managers can exercise control over risky driving behaviors. For an affordable monthly user fee along with our camera hardware, fleets gain the insights needed to reduce corporate liability and risk, exonerate drivers, and improve driving skills.

VideoProtects® MYGEOTAB
Built with MyGeotab in Mind

The VideoProtects® Video Event Management solution was designed with the goal of providing a seamless MyGeotab user experience.

Improves Distracted Driving

Partnered with AI camera hardware and Geotab telematics the VideoProtects solution promotes reliable driver behaviors alerting managers when risky, distracted driving occurs.

Smart Thumbnails Rich with Deep Data Points

Thumbnail viewing enables users to quickly view and score events at the desktop level allowing fleet managers to focus on events that carry the greatest risk.

Remote Driver Coaching Workflow

Enables fleet managers to push scored video events to a driver’s smart phone for near-real time review and coaching to quickly modify driver behaviors.

Provides Audit Trail of ALL Video Reviews & Actions

VideoProtects Court Reporter™ Event File Manager feature collects and stores all event comments and actions providing a complete audit trail for interested parties.

Aggressive Pricing Options

VideoProtects offers three affordable monthly plan options ranging from simple video of impact events to more robust event, AI, scoring and remote driver coaching.

Forward and Driver Facing AI

Detectable events will trigger an audible and visual notification to alert the driver in real-time with in-vehicle alerts.

Superior Support

The VideoProtects solution and hardware includes Tier 1 support backed by J. J. Keller’s superior product support team of 40+ Client Success associates.

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