The Science of Video-Telematics

Enhanced driver safety and accountability with AI technology

Safety is the principal transportation industry metric. Close behind is the efficiency of your operation that’s dependent on continuous driver improvement and coaching. The VideoProtects® Video Event Management Service is video-science that enhances your fleet safety program when added to Geotab telematics. The VideoProtects solution offers insight into risky and distracted driving through continuous recording with Artificial Intelligence (AI) from driver and road-facing camera hardware – as a part of your MyGeotab experience.

This, combined with VideoProtects remote driver workflow and advanced analytics, brings the power of event scoring and review right to your desktop. Our event monitoring solution promotes safe driver behavior and alerts managers when regulation and policy violations occur.

Driver & Road-Facing Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Reduce risky driver behaviors with the VideoProtects® Video Event Management Service and AI in-cab camera hardware. You can trust our AI technology to be capturing and recording the visual fields around your fleet and drivers.

Empowered & Fueled with Human Intelligence

Video event review and scoring is key to an effective video safety program. VideoProtects technology values your time by simplifying your video in-box through reducing false positives with our proprietary algorithm. It presents you with choices and recommendations, empowering you to focus, view, score, and take corrective action on events that YOU decide carry the greatest risk to your fleet.

Remote Driver Coaching Workflow

Shortening your timeline, from video event review and scoring to driver coaching results, in a swift reduction of risky driving events.

The VideoProtects back office video review workflow allows fleet safety managers to push scored video events to a driver for near real-time review and coaching.


How Does it Work?

Dash Cam ROI Whitepaper

FREE Whitepaper – “The Dash Cam Return on Investment”

Nothing is more powerful than dash cam video to help fleet professionals evaluate accidents, prepare for litigation, improve training, and more. This whitepaper shares evidence about these benefits and how dash cams can help you build a successful defense strategy, proactively coach drivers, and go on the offensive.


Why Choose Us

  • Reduces time spent monitoring drivers

  • Increases driver awareness and responsibility

  • Shortens your timeline to driver coaching

  • Integrates seamlessly with the MyGeotab experience

  • Offers remote driver coaching workflow with smartphone web application
  • Improves safety while reducing risk

  • Superior Tier 1 support

  • Court Reporter™ Event File Manager provides a complete event audit trail

VideoProtects® MYGEOTAB