VideoProtects Solutions

Light, Medium & Heavy Duty Fleets Now Have Affordable “Connected” Video

The VideoProtects® Video Event Monitoring Service, when combined with continuous recording cameras, can assist in exonerating fleets and drivers – reducing or even eliminating liability claims and high cost legal settlements.

Our Camera Solutions

VP220 Dual-Facing Dash Camera

The VP220 is an advanced dash camera with a built-in AI processor to detect driving events such as forward collision, distracted and improper driver behavior such as using mobile phones and not watching the road. The VP220 can alert the driver in real-time of dangerous behaviors, and upload events to the VideoProtects Video Monitoring Solution as part of the MyGeotab experience, to be reviewed by a fleet manager to aid in coaching the drivers to reduce traffic risks. Combined with workflow, driver smartphone event review/coaching, and advanced analytics, VideoProtects brings the power of event scoring and automatic review right to the fleet desktop.

Advanced Road- and Driver-Facing AI Technology

  • Supports up to 2 channels of continuous video recording

  • Built-in AI event detection with ADAS capabilities

  • Real-time in-cab audible feedback

  • Driver-facing camera detects cell phone use, distracted driving and fatigued drivers

  • 128 GB TF card storage with dual-stream recording (HD and SD Recording)

  • Partners with the VideoProtects VP220-3 Cargo/Utility Camera for a third video channel for cargo, back-up or in-cab views

VideoProtects® VP220D Dash Camera

VP220-3 Cargo/Utility Camera

The VP220-3 Cargo/Utility Camera provides fleets a third video channel for cargo, back-up or in-cab views. This camera is optional
and not included with the core VP220 dash camera. Usage requires Video ProPlus features.

Camera Highlights & Features

  • Partners with the VP220 Dual-Facing Dash Camera

  • Compact size and light weight

  • Aluminum shell with good heat dissipation

  • Quick and easy installation

  • Backlight compensation

  • Captures audio


Prevent distracted driving by sitting at your computer

You can’t be everywhere at once. Take control of situations your fleet encounters with near real-time video, alerts and communication in one integrated software.


The Science of Video-Telematics

VideoProtects® MYGEOTAB

VideoProtects® Video Event Management Service is video-science that enhances your safety program when added to Geotab telematics.

Our solution offers insight into risky driving events through continuous recording from driver and road-facing cameras with artificial intelligence.

This combined with VideoProtects remote driver coaching workflow, brings the power of event review and scoring right to the fleet desktop.


Fleet Back Office

Desktop Video Review & Scoring 

Video event review and scoring is key to an effective video safety program. 

VideoProtects technology values your time by simplifying your video in-box, reducing false positives with our proprietary algorithm. It presents you with choices and recommendations, empowering you to focus, view, score, and take corrective action on events that YOU decide carry the greatest risk to your fleet. 

VideoProtects® Event Scoring
VideoProtects® Comments Display
VideoProtects Court Reporter

The VideoProtects Court Reporter™ Event File Manager provides a complete audit trail of every action taken with a video record including who has reviewed, downloaded, and every other action taken down to the keystroke and mouse click.

Driver- and Road-Facing Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Reduce risky driver behaviors with VideoProtects® Event Management and AI camera hardware. Advanced AI technology detects, assesses and warns the driver of impending hazards and distracted or risky driving in real-time.

Open platform with no long-term contract.