Meet Our Leadership Team

VideoProtects sets the standard of applying cutting-edge technology through our combined experience in the transportation and emerging tech industries.

Michael Nalepka

General Manager – VideoProtects

Michael was the Founder of VideoProtects which was recently acquired by J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc. He is the video-telematics leader in commercial transportation merged now with the power of the leader in safety technologies, J. J. Keller. Combined with his 20 years’ experience in senior positions leading transportation technology companies, VideoProtects is re-inventing as a market disruptor video-telematics by offering low cost with cutting edge high value video features and services. He was formerly the founder & General Manager for Video Intelligence Solutions at PeopleNet/Trimble, Sr. Manager of Video Technologies at Procon Analytics, and Vice President of Sales at TMW Systems and DriverTech. He also was Director of Sales at McLeod Software so his history in transportation technologies runs deep. Michael has consulted and recommend video, telematics, and TMS technology solutions for hundreds of fleets of all types and he has been awarded 11 US Patents with many designed around Video Technologies, IoT, and the Connected Car.

John Moscatelli

Director of Sales Operations – VideoProtects

John was the Co-Founder of VideoProtects. He was formerly the Director of Platform as a Service (PaaS) with Geotab. John spent 10 years prior as Director of Fleet Solutions for AT&T Mobility Internet of Things managing all AT&T Fleet Management partner relationships. He has deep experience in helping some of the nation’s largest fleets wirelessly enable their mobile workers to add efficiencies and reduce costs. Prior to that he led the Transportation Technology Vertical as Vice President for 7 years at Sprint/Nextel. Additionally, he held a number of senior management positions at Ryder making John’s expertise in transportation very rich and deep. John is well known within the partner ecosystem serving the Transportation Industry.

Gene Emory

Director of Video Technologies – VideoProtects

Gene has a BS in Computer Sciences from Coleman University in San Diego, California. He is the industry’s leading subject matter engineering expert on video & telematics technologies with over 20 years’ experience, spending 15 years with Qualcomm pioneering telematics and another two 2 years with Trimble creating commercial vehicle Navigation. During his recent tenure with Verizon, Gene led and directed the complete end to end development and market effort to create and launch the new Verizon Connect in-vehicle connected video solution which recently released to market.