About VideoProtects

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Welcome to VideoProtects, makers of machine-learning transportation technology. We offer directly from the source software solutions for in-cab cameras for the transportation industry. While dashcams have been a staple of transit for nearly a decade, VideoProtects unites them with the power of AI.

About the VideoProtects® Video Event Management Service

The VideoProtects® Video Event Management Service doesn’t merely record, interpret, and interact in real-time. With the integration of video and artificial intelligence, fleets cannot only ensure the safety of their workforces but protect themselves from legal liability and costly lawsuits.

Our technology allows for on the spot real-time analytics, scoring, and driver intervention. Fleet managers and safety staff can provide instant coaching to aid in reducing risky and dangerous driving behaviors. We protect your fleet, bottom line and drivers, all in the name of safety.

VideoProtects believes in an open cloud platform and low-cost solutions. With safety being our primary motivation, we design our technology to be platform independent focusing on software and solutions while recommending and supporting the latest “open market” API enabled LTE cameras.

VideoProtects Circle of Safety Workflow