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The Big Question: Cameras on the Driver or Not?
​Video in transportation has been assumed to be the forward facing and driver-facing camera views as one solution. With all the buzz and hype about video you would think the value propositions and reasons for adding the driver-facing camera combined with the forward camera would be crystal clear. That is not necessarily the case today...  Full article...

Video Technology in Transportation is Still in Its Infancy
I’ll kick things off by telling you what the range of content will be for regular information and updates coming for what I will call generically “video”. It is virtually unlimited! There is so much to explore and report starting with the basics like what are the...​ Full article...


Is a Video Safety Strategy
​in Your Future?

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The Case FOR Cameras on the Driver
In my previous article “The Big Question: Cameras on the Driver or Not?”, we explored the “Not”. In this column we will explore the reasons FOR driver facing cameras which are many...  Full article...

The Other Side:

Cameras on The Driver or Not?
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