• Video Evidence Liability Settlement Cost Reduction
  • Video Evidence Exoneration of Companies & Drivers
  • Insurance Cost Reduction & Subsidies
  • Protecting Your Profitability
  • Reducing Risky Driving Practices
  • Driver Safety Improvement
  • Integrating Video & Telematics
  • Surveillance In and Around Your Vehicles

  • The Massive Push for Autonomous, Driver-less, Robot, & "Deep Learning AI" Trucks & Cars
  • Driver Culture & Acceptance
  • Video Event Capture
  • Video Recording
  • Video Hardware & Software 
  • TMS Integration
  • Telematics Integration
  • Vehicle OBDII Integration
  • 3rd Party Video Integration
  • Analytics Capabilities
  • Driver Safety Improvement
  • What is the Real ROI?
  • Video Review Services
  • In-House Video Review vs Outsourcing
  • Video Consumer Electronics
  • End of Life Products (EOL)
  • Selecting the Right Solution for Your Fleet 

Advocating Transportation Video Technology on Trucks & Cars

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Mike is now the industry Xpert for Fleet Owner Publishing's "IdeaXchange" for video in transportation. Watch for his regular articles on video technologies to learn what video is doing for transportation today and what the future possibilities are. (Click on the link)

Mike has consulted and recommend technology solutions for hundreds of trucking companies of all types since 2004. He has been awarded US Patents with numerous more pending designed around Video Technologies, IoT, and the Connected Car. He was formerly the General Manager for Video Intelligence Solutions and Vice President of Business Development at PeopleNet, Vice President of Business Development and Region Sales at TMW Systems, Vice President of Fleet Imaging Solutions at DriverTech, & National Sales Manager at McLeod Software. 


​​​Consulting / Advocacy / Experience / Expertise


His expertise and passion is helping carriers and the industry reduce costs and increase profits leveraging the latest best in class video and camera technologies in and around the tractor trailer to:

ioVTT.com (Internet of Video Transportation Things)


  • prevent large financial exposure from accident lawsuit settlements and fraudulent claims
  • improve driver safety awareness & driving skills
  • exonerate drivers and carriers
  • find the true video Return on Investment (ROI)
  • solve issues beyond liability and safety such as OS&D claims, loading/unloading regulatory compliance, surveillance, road conditions, & more

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​There are many aspects to video technologies that are important to consider in your search for the right fit: the right combination of features, the best value, but most importantly what is your budget. That is the mission of Video Protects, the make sure you make the right choice.

For most fleets as they begin the process of understanding what video is, what it can do, and particularly where it is going in the years to com, they need a trusted source and subject matter expert.

Mike Nalepka is the CEO of VideoProtects, LLC, a 

consulting and advocacy company focused on transportation video technologies. ​